Free Parking at Leeds Bradford Airport

Free Parking is always a bonus for any driver when visiting anywhere in the UK.  Parking charges have increased across most car parks in recent times and the option of free parking is never usually an option.  This is especially the case at all of the UK’s major airports until now.  Leeds Bradford Airport now provides a free parking zone for up to an hour which is a fantastic option for those who are picking up or dropping off passengers and intend to wait a short while.  Saving a few pound on parking I am sure will be welcomed by many drivers and it is sure to be a success.  if you require more than 60 minutes then we suggest that you look at one of the other parking options available on the site.

Free Parking Location

The free parking is located close to the mid stay car park and is only a short 4 minute walk from the terminal building.  The short walk is a small price to pay for up to one hours free parking at Leeds Bradford Airport.

The free car park has its owd dedicated access road and to get to it you must follow the signs from Whitehouse Lane.

There is no height restriction and vehicle width is restrictred to 2.5 metres.