Leeds Bradford Airport by bike

Traveling to Leeds Bradford Airport by bike is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport.  Cycling is not only kind to the environment it has well knows health benefits as well.  There are a number of cycle routes that skirt the sirport site.

Cycles can be left at the airport in a selection of places within the public car parks.  There are a number of safe places  to lock your bike as all car parks have marshals and CCTV Cameras.  If you are not sure where to park your bike then ask one of the Car Park Marshals who will be happy to help.  It is advised that you park your bike in a sensible place as the airport have the right toi remove any cycle that is places in an unsuitable location.  The airport will keep any removed bikes for up to 90 days.

Although the cycle parking areas a safe and secure we do recommend that you use a quality bike lock in order to secure you cycle.  bicycle theft is on the increase in the UK and thieves are able to cut poor quality locks etc.  Making sure your bike is safe will ensure it is still where you left it on your return.

Cycle Security Tips

  • Invest in a quality lock
  • Use a cable lock in addition to a D Lock to secure second wheel
  • Secure in well-lit area
  • Remove any accessories that are easy to remove including quick release seat, lights pump and saddle bag
  • Pay for cycle insurance (if your bike does go missing at least your covered)

Getting to Leeds Bradford Airport by bike will be an enjoyable experience and its free although carrying luggage may be an issue.


Motorcycles can be parked within the official airport car parks and they are not exempt from parking charges.